Since 1987, Williams Distribution has acquired exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for current or out of date productions parts of several OEMs. These products come with full engineering and quality backing of the OEM to provide an uninterrupted supply of service parts.

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Our products come with the full engineering backing of the OEM, the tooling, quality vendors, and the technical data to provide an uninterrupted supply of OEM service parts. And the Williams Distribution staff is focused on expediting the parts necessary to keep your hard-working equipment in service.

Allison Transmission

Allison Transmissions

  • CLT/CRT 3000 Series
  • CRT 5000
  • CRT 7000 Parts
  • Marine M and MH
  • MT 30/40
  • TG 600 Series
  • TX100-1 and TX100-1A
  • VH/VS
Detroit Diesel

Detroit Diesel

6-110 Engine Overhaul Kits
  • Construction/Industrial
  • Marine/Work Boats
  • Fan to Flywheel
  • Generators
  • PTO
  • Rail

Fairbanks Morse Engines

  • Four Cycle
  • Opposed Piston
  • Crankcase Scavenging
  • Pump Scavenging

Goodman Locomotives

Goodman-Trident Locomotives

Improved Plastics Machinery/NATCO

Ohio Brass Trolley

Plymouth Locomotives

Saco Lowell Parts

  • Opening
  • Blending/Cleaning
  • Carding
  • Drawing
  • Combing
  • Roving/Spinning
  • Fiberglass Products

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At Williams Distribution, we're specialists in finding a second opportunity for your discontinued product lines. As a supplier of new, genuine OEM replacement parts, we work to perpetuate your product lines, not liquidate them.

Why Williams?
You want to continue to meet your customer's service expectations, but you need to keep your company's focus on the future, not the past.

Yet, in order to keep your legacy products in good working order for your customers, you have to jump through some very expensive hoops.

You might be interrupting present production to manufacture low volume slow moving replacement parts, while at the same time facing increasing costs in warehousing, inventory control and taxes.

When you partner with Williams Distribution, these problems are transformed into opportunities.

The Way We Work
We perpetuate the after-market supply chain by providing long-term parts support for your out-of-production equipment. Our goal is to extend the service life of your products while preserving your customer relationships.

We'll warehouse and distribute your current inventory of replacement parts, then as additional parts are needed in the future they will be manufactured to your original quality specifications.

We can work in a variety of ways to satisfy your customer needs. W.W. Williams Distribution is not looking to be an inventory, equipment or close out company for surplus goods. However, we can be an alterative to liquidations by acquiring your entire line, or we can supply parts to your customers under a licensing agreement that provides you with an ongoing revenue stream.

Regardless of the arrangement, you can trust us to support your legacy products with quality replacement parts.

A Legacy Of Our Own
At Williams Distribution, we're in a unique position to appreciate what a proud legacy can bring to the table in a business relationship.

As a division of W.W. Williams, a privately held, financially strong company established in 1912, we have a legacy of our own to live up to in providing excellent customer service, efficient distribution, and the highest quality manufacturing processes.

If you are a manufacturer considering the retirement of any OEM component or complete product line and would be interested in selling the intellectual property, tooling, dies, and existing inventory - Williams Distribution is very interested in reviewing those opportunities at your earliest convenience. Please use the form below to contact us and we will respond in 24 hours (one business day).

A Global Track Record
Since 1987, some of the world's largest and most respected companies have put their trust in us to provide the highest quality replacement parts and most attentive customer support.

Right now the legacy parts we help perpetuate are in service around the world. They're helping to build roads, power buses and boats, pump oil, crush rock – some are even helping to move our troops in the Middle East.

We currently partner with worldwide OEM's such as Allison Transmission, Detroit Diesel, Plymouth Locomotive, Goodman Equipment Corporation, Fairbanks Morse Engine Company and Saco Lowell.

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W.W. Williams Distribution
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Phone: (800) 999-0933 (toll free USA & Canada)
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